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Announcing our new partnership with Lincolnshire FA

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

We are excited to announce that we have successfully become the main sponsor for the County Junior Cup and look forward to attend the final and enjoy some high quality football !

We know that many clubs and people dislike the thought of finding the cheapest energy suppliers as its tedious and long winded due to being unable to get in front of the right people at these big energy suppliers. What if we told you we are able remove all the negatives with switching energy suppliers by allowing our experienced team do it for you along with a friendly customer service team that will answer any questions you may have !

We offer two great ways to save you money and earn sponsorship for your club:

Fans To Support Scheme

We have partnered up with Switchd to enable you as a club help your fans/supporters by promoting your club’s affiliate link created on the services tab on our website. You don't need to provide us with your energy to apply for this feature as this is completely free of charge.

This means for every time one of your fans signs up to receive the cheapest gas and electricity deal for their homes through your club’s affiliate link, you as a club will receive another form of revenue stream through ourselves by being an affiliate partner through the 'Fans to Support scheme', which is completely free of charge to sign up to. With homeowners’ energy prices increasing dramatically over the past months and the months to come, this is a great way to reward your loyal fans by saving them money.

Find out more details about how we can bring your clubs fans community together along with receiving sponsorship

Link to create your own FREE landing page >

Pledge To Support Scheme

The 'Pledge to Support scheme’ is an excellent way of helping your sports club financially. By enabling us to find you the cheapest energy deal across the entire marketplace with suppliers including the ‘Big Six' and renewable energy suppliers. We pledge to give back to your club in the form of sponsorship in any form that you wish. We have worked closely with sports clubs and leisure centres for over 20 years and know the struggle the clubs are going through now especially with the rise in energy prices and the pandemic, so by saving money on your utility bills, you can then invest the savings back into the club and help with other aspects such as kits and equipment. It’s a win-win.

Link to find out more about our Pledge to Support scheme >

Chief Executive Officer Nick Hanson from Lincolnshire FA said the following about the sponsorship

"Lincolnshire FA are delighted to partner up with Match Energy this will provide additional opportunities and services for Grassroots Clubs across Lincolnshire"

We are certain you will be taken care of through the process of us finding you the cheapest deals on the current marketplace. Contact us today for more information for more details on how you can better your fans and clubs financial position through Match Energy!

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