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Are you sick of your complaints being ignored by energy suppliers ?

The latest Ofgem’s report shows nearly 53% of consumers are dissatisfied with the time taken to deal with the complaint

Billing issues, problems with smart meters and cost of energy are the three main reasons for customers’ complaining to energy companies.

The latest Ofgem and Citizens Advice survey on consumer perceptions of the energy market for the second quarter of the year shows more customers are dissatisfied than satisfied with the complaints handling process.

In the last three months, more than half said they are dissatisfied with the way their complaint was handled and the time taken to deal with the complaint.

An estimated 23% had given up pursuing the complaint submitted to their energy supplier.

Here at Match Energy we have an experienced customer service team that prevent your wishes and desires from being ignored. Signing up with us means there's no need to worry, nothing will be changed or agreed upon without your say so, therefore you're still in control but just without the hard work.

Instead of phoning up all the energy suppliers on the market which is tedious and can take days for them to get back to you, our customer service team will get back to within a couple of days, along with giving you a competitive broker rate for your energy.

It's a win, win for you.

Contact us today to see how much money and time our services can save you for your upcoming utility bills without doing the leg work


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