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Emirates Stadium project highlights ‘real opportunity’ for flexible energy innovation

In 2016, Arsenal teamed up with Octopus Energy to implement a new set of tactics geared towards kicking its significant energy consumption out the door, and switching to 100% green electricity.

In the time since, Arsenal has kicked off a club-wide sustainability strategy — designed to cancel out the negative environmental impact of every element of the club, spanning its first team’s air miles to floodlight efficiency and ground maintenance, according to Centre for Net Zero.

So far, the club has introduced 7kW Octopus Energy electric vehicle (EV) chargers in the stadium’s underground car park – enabling fans with EVs to charge during games – and installed a Kraken Flex boosted 3MW battery storage system with capacity to run the Emirates for an entire match or power 2,700 homes for two hours. Future additions to Arsenal’s line-up to harness the power of wind in and around the Emirates have also been touted.

Lucy Yu, CEO of Octopus Energy research arm Centre for Net Zero, breaks down opportunities in energy infrastructure and reflects on the ongoing transformation of Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium into a flexible energy asset.

Statement from Lucy Yu - CEO of Octopus Energy

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