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Heathrow Airport jets off with renewable fuel project

The oil is claimed to be able to cut greenhouse gas emissions from flights by up to 80% compared to conventional aviation fuel

Ahead of the G7 arrivals next week, Heathrow Airport has started using a renewable jet fuel that it claims could cut greenhouse gas emissions from flights by 80%.

The fuel is produced entirely from renewable and sustainable waste and residue, such as used cooking oil and animal fat waste.

The Finnish oil refining firm Neste produced the jet fuel while oil trader Vitol supplied it to the airport.

Project partners say Heathrow is the UK’s first major airport to integrate such a fuel into its operations.

Jonathan Wood, Vice President Europe, Renewable Aviation at Neste, said: “We are continuously supporting the aviation industry in its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are also proud to play a role in lower-emission travel to the G7 conference, where sustainability will be one of the key topics.”

This very exciting news is the future of flying for the many years to come. This stepping stone is the one of many helping us reach the goal of net zero and the cutting of emissions that we let out into the atmosphere

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