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How to keep your credit score high to avoid rejection !

With businesses re opening up again after the fatal impact COVID-19 had on businesses all up and down the country, energy suppliers are becoming even more wary with accepting businesses. That's why here at Match Energy we have put together some tips and tricks on how to be accepted by energy suppliers with flying colours to achieve the cheapest prices.

Due to the pandemic energy suppliers have become more wary about businesses going bust. Therefore, by your business having a lower credit score gives you a higher risk percentage of not being able to successfully fulfil the payments the energy supplier is offering causing them to be less likely to supply your business energy.

Business energy prices are dependent on several factors.

  • Where in the country your business is located

  • The number of sites you have as a business

  • The volume of gas or electricity used by your business

  • How high or low your credit score is

Settling a energy contract with the supplier directly can be costly for yourself. They wont offer you their cheapest prices or introduce you to a shorter contract term. The best way to grab these low prices for your energy is by using ourselves Match Energy as we are able to locate the lowest prices across the entire market including the big six energy providers.

Contact us today to grab yourself a free quotation and find out more on how we can help you with your energy bills. We offer a range of services for you as a customer with our most appealing one being our 'Pledge to Support Scheme' Click the link below to find out more >

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