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January & February 2022 energy market analysis

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has enticed strong volatility in contracts once again, as gas supply into Europe is threatened.

The current situation in Russia & Ukraine causing volatility in the current energy market -

Contract prices seemed to be softening gradually for the most part of February before the Russian invasion of Ukraine which enticed strong volatility in contracts once again, as gas supply into Europe was threatened. The biggest threat came from sanctions.

The Russian supply makes up to 40% of Europe's use of gas and sanctions could hamper the ability to receive gas as well as increase the cost of it. European gas storage is already towards the floor of its 5-year historical average range and will require more injections before the next winter.

A break down of how the Russian invasion of Ukraine has affected the Current energy market -

Whilst tougher sanctions are in the process of being drawn up to place on Russia to isolate them from the global economy to a greater degree.

Sanctions on energy supply could prove to be detrimental to Europe themselves but may be required to help bring a halt to bloodshed being witnessed in Ukraine currently.

Therefore, prices are continuing to climb in the utilities markets across Europe. In retaliation to the support that NATO members are giving to Ukraine, Putin has put his nuclear weapons on “special alert” which has spoked the markets even further as this could bring other countries directly into the fold and cause further conflicts.

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After reviewing the markets our team would highly recommended to secure a contract as soon as possible with extreme volatility still possible if things escalate further in Ukraine. To reduce the burden of the strength shown for contracts in the closer term, it is advised to contract further out to reduce pricing and spread the risk as longer-term contracts continue to represent better value.

Therefore, it would be sensible for a quick free quotation from our team here at Match Energy to secure the best and cheapest energy contracts as soon as possible to eliminate any further risk through an increase in pricing, that are looking to occur with the current circumstances with Russia and Ukraine.

Here at Match Energy, we look after all types of energy contracts from domestic households all the way to large sporting grounds/leisure centres.

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