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One-day return to office ‘could lead to £21m of weekly saving on your home energy bills’

Running just one extra dishwasher cycle at home adds £5 million to weekly bills, according to new research

If every homeworker returned to the office just for one day a week that could lead to an estimated £21 million saving on your home weekly energy bills.

That’s according to new research by Uswitch, which estimates running just one extra dishwasher cycle at home could add a further £5.2 million to your home energy bills.

The use of electric heaters to warm household spaces converted into offices could also cost homeworkers an additional £4.7 million a week.

With Freedom Day fast approaching and most of the employers expecting their staff to return to the workplace by mid-August, nearly 20% of employees say they do not plan to do so, the research suggests.

The analysis also finds Brighton, Belfast and London are the top-3 cities that see employees currently spending almost half of their working week at home.

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