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Energy Prices are on the rise - Save Money today with Match Energy

Here at Match Energy we regularly conduct our own primary research on the rolling renewal price for energy such as electricity and gas. Over the years we have seen a fluctuation of energy prices. We've do this research to make our current and future customers aware of the right time to save money on your utility bills by switching energy providers when the prices are at their best.


The graph above shows the rolling renewal prices for electricity for the past 3 years. As you can see the price is on the rise and shows a spike from January 2021 to March 2021. With sporting clubs going back on the 29th March this is the perfect time to see if you're able to save money on switching your energy suppliers due to the rise in demand. With summer around the corner the usage of electricity will increase due to the use or air con units to keep us nice and cool throughout the hot summer.

This is why joining up with Match Energy is the best move for your club/business at this moment in time. Match Energy are an energy broker, meaning we offer you the most competitive prices for your utility bills across the entire market. We scour the whole market place with big and small suppliers making sure you receive the lowest rate. Instead of ringing up each and every energy supplier to be put on hold, one quick call with our team with no waiting time, we can do all the work for you with the suppliers so you don't have to.


This graph above shows the fluctuation of the wholesale cost for the rolling renewal gas prices. This data again is gathered from the past 3 years and shows the rise of price from February 2021 with the price being around 1.50 (p/kWh) to 1.65 (p/kWh) in March 2021. If you are a business or leisure centre that predominately uses gas you may be losing out on saving money due to the recent rise in price. Here at Match Energy we offer you bespoke quote on your gas bills making sure after you have used our service your satisfied with the price reduction on your bills and also with extremely helpful customer service team we offer.

To sum up all the information above. Here at Match Energy we are an experienced team of energy brokers who offer total energy cost management for a wide range of businesses and sports venues around the UK. Due to being an energy broker we're able to get broker rates from our 30 trusted energy suppliers including the 'Big Six' ensuring that we can save you money on your next energy deal. We encourage you to have a look at our website to see for yourself the services we offer and to grab a Free quotation with ourselves. Especially now due to the rise in electricity and gas prices over the past couple of months.

Match Energy don't only just save you money on your utility bills we also operate a 'Pledge to Support' scheme where for every deal we switch we will sponsor a sports team or donate to a charitable foundation. Businesses can choose a club to nominate and for any venues we deal with directly we will include this as part of our service.

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