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Introducing our new domestic energy partner Switchd

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Here at Match Energy we have been working non stop to find the perfect domestic energy partner for the fans at your club and homeowners. Therefore, we are excited to announce the launch of our new partnership with Switchd. Switchd are an auto switching energy service helping homeowners find the best price on their domestic energy contracts.

Switchd are a well trusted energy comparison site helping you find the best deals for your gas & electricity contracts across the entire marketplace. Switchd ensure that each customer will receive the best and cheapest energy deal every time, meaning you'll never have to switch yourself again. Switchd work independently with no commission or kickbacks from energy suppliers causing them not to be biased with any specific energy supplier, resulting in their customers receiving the cheapest deal.

Clubs & Venues

Here at Match Energy we really push to help Clubs & Venues financially through our energy services, not only do we offer our 'Pledge to Support scheme' Which is for every energy deal we switch for you, your Club/Venue will receive sponsorship from the commission we make from the deal.

But with partnering up with Switchd, you are able to help out your fans/supporters by promoting your clubs affiliate link created on our services tab on our website. This means for every time one of your fans signs up to receive the cheapest gas and electricity deal for their homes through your clubs affiliate link. You as a club will receive some extra revenue by being an affiliate partner through our 'Fans to Support scheme' Which is completely free of charge to do.

Switchd Head of Growth Richard Leader comments

"We're so pleased to be partnering with Match Energy and the sports clubs they work with. It's great that we can help fans to switch to their best home energy deal, saving cash, hassle and carbon. And at the same time, they're helping out the club they support as together with Match Energy, we'll be making a contribution for every fan who switches with us!"

Here at Match Energy we are encouraging all clubs to contact us so we are able to get the cheapest energy contracts across the entire marketplace, helping your financial position as a club.

That's why for every sign up through the Match Energy's affiliate link will be placed into a draw to win a sponsorship !

If you would like any more information or details about Switchd or our draw, please contact us !

  • Tel. 01482 765262

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