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Almost 1 million customers switched electricity suppliers last month!

According to a new report by the trade association Energy UK, estimates that 650,000 customers switched electricity supplier last month.

Switching figures skyrocketed in March with second highest peak ever recorded. The number of customers who switched energy suppliers is 10% higher than in March 2020, according to a new report

But why ?

The answer is that millions of commercial energy users switch energy providers yearly due to taking advantage of the drops in the market price for energy renewals. This means they are able to save money on their bills as they get the cheapest deals due to the energy market being highly dynamic.

Switching energy suppliers may seem daunting at first as you may not know where to start or simply do not have the time to go through roughly 60 energy suppliers, having to ring them up to see what they can offer you on your utility bills can be tedious.

The perfect ingredient for saving money on your utility bills is the availability of using ourselves Match Energy as your energy consultant. We do all the searching and calling of energy suppliers, so you do not have to. We can search the entire market for you, coming up with competitive prices against your existing renewal price. We look at suppliers large and small to ensure your club/ leisure centre sees a real difference to its utility bills – which could be up to 20%!!


Match Energy not only help commercial businesses with their energy bills we also have over 20 years’ experience in the sporting industry, helping clubs with changing rooms, stadiums and clubhouses save money on their utility bills. In return of using our services we give back to the sports club in the form of sponsorship in our 'Pledge to support scheme' - Read more on this on the link below!

'Pledge to support scheme' >

Grab yourself a FREE quotation to save money on your energy bills with your trusted energy consultant: Match Energy

Do not worry, nothing will be changed or agreed upon without your say so, therefore you're still in control but just without the hard work.

Contact us today to see how much our services can save you in your utility bills without you doing the leg work -

- 01482 765262

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