Sporting Venues – Save money on your energy bills with Match Energy

Sporting Venues – Save money on your energy bills with Match Energy

Tired of constantly paying high overheads such as gas, water and electricity? Well with one quick call, Match energy can compare all leading utility providers such as E-on and British Gas prices to give you the cheapest quote possible across the whole marketplace.

Rolling over your energy contract with your existing utility provider, 9 times out of 10, chances are, you are paying more than you could be. The renewal prices they quote can be beaten simply by switching your sporting energy provider and our job as Match Energy is to make this transition easier for you, by doing all the leg work for you.

Having 20 years experience in the sporting industry. Match Energy understand the costs that come with operating a sports club

Regardless of whether you are a football club, golf club or cricket club, a quick look at the accounts and the costs associated with energy will come pretty high up on the balance sheet, the larger the club, the more startling the figures become. All clubs use a lot of electricity due to the use of flood lights, changing rooms, club houses and don’t forget flood lights for your club’s car parks. All clubs equally generate a high-water bill due to watering their fields to get your pitches/ courses in the best possible condition, changing rooms with showers and bathrooms. By using Match Energy your energy bills will depreciate resulting in a hole in one for you, us, and your current members as your able to re-invest your savings back into the club.

We do the leg work, so you don’t have to

It makes financial sense for any sporting club to look at switching their energy supplier when their current contract is coming to an end. Now, if just the thought of scrolling for hours looking for cheaper deals on all different energy providers websites and having to call each one one by one is causing you to ‘kickoff’ – you’ll be pleased to know that Match Energy get the ball rolling meaning all you have to do is make one call or write one email to us.

We contact the numerous utility providers on your behalf of your sports club or leisure club and provide us a few old bills so you can let us get on with finding a new and more cost-effective energy provider for your sports club. We look at suppliers large and small to ensure your club/ leisure centre sees a real difference to its utility bills – which could be up to 20%!!

Don’t worry, nothing will be changed or agreed upon without your say so, therefore you’re still in control but just without the hard work.

“Our USP is our Pledge to Support Scheme, where we re invest the commission back into the club using sponsorship – so its a win-win partnership”

All you have to do is get in contact with us via our ‘contact us’ page to grab yourself a free quote.